The Best Beaches Near Rome (Updated for 2019)

Rome in summer

Looking for the best beaches near Rome? I don’t blame you: Although you always can cool off at a swimming pool in Rome, there’s nothing like dipping your toes into the Mediterranean on a sweltering summer day.

Here’s a roundup of 5 of my favorite Rome beaches, located as little as 45 minutes away.

One tip: When heading to the beach near Rome, remember that most Italian beaches aren’t public. In other words, most swaths of beach are serviced by private establishments, so you’ll have to rent a cabana to claim your spot on the sand. This generally costs about €10 to €15 per day. The good news? You’ll definitely appreciate the shade — and the ability to order food and drinks from the servers who pass through.

The most picturesque beach, and beach town, near Rome: Sperlonga

Sperlonga, one of the best beaches near Rome
The town of Sperlonga, overlooking one of the best beaches near Rome

Sperlonga is my top choice for a beach near Rome. That’s partly because of its white-washed resort town, lovely stretch of sand, and clean water (it’s been given Blue Flag designation for its environmental initiatives and cleanliness). And the views from the town make it one of the most picturesque seaside spots near Rome.

And, okay. I might also love Sperlonga because of the nearby archaeological museum, on the site of Emperor Tiberius’ ancient grotto, which boasts stunning ancient sculptures by the same guys who did the Laocoön. (Yes, I’m a history nerd). But even if you don’t make it to the museum (although you should!), the beach and town alone make the trip worth it.

By public transport, Sperlonga takes about 1.5 hours to get to from Rome. Find out more about Sperlonga, and getting there, in my previous post on the beach town of Sperlonga.

The beach near Rome with the best nightlife: Fregene

Want to do as the Romans do? Then follow up a day in the sun with aperitivo, drinking, and dancing. Fregene, located 23 miles northwest of Rome, is such a popular nightlife spot, I have friends who have gone there just for the evenings — skipping the whole daytime-sunbathing thing altogether.

Of course, Fregene is also nice during the day. And Maccarese, next door, tends to be a much less crowded option than other beaches near Rome, like Ostia.

You can get to Fregene and Maccarese by train from Rome’s Termini station; get off at Maccarese-Fregene. The ride takes 30 minutes. From there, you’ll have to grab one of the local buses for the beach (4 miles away from the station).

Maccarese beach near Rome
Maccarese, a beautiful, and quieter, beach near Rome

One of the cleanest beaches near Rome: Anzio

The beaches at Anzio are some of the cleanest in Lazio, as shown by their Blue Flag designation. They’re also beautiful, with golden sand and turquoise water.

Not to mention historical: If Anzio sounds familiar, it’s because it’s where the Allies landed in 1944. Want to pay homage? The 77-acre American Cemetery is where nearly 8,000 Americans, killed during the landing, have been laid to rest.

The most convenient beach to Rome: Santa Marinella

Santa Marinella, one of the best beaches near Rome
Santa Marinella, a lovely beach conveniently close to Rome

Many of the other beaches near Rome require a train and a bus (or a car) to access. Not Santa Marinella. A 50-minute train ride takes you from Termini station right to the station in this little resort town, where it’s just a quick walk to the beach.

Because of that convenience, of course, Santa Marinella gets pretty crowded on the weekends. That’s particularly true of the “public” section of the beach, the size of which seems to change every year and is much smaller than the private part. (The private part, meanwhile, is super pricey: expect to pay upwards of €30 for two chairs and an umbrella. Ouch.) That makes Santa Marinella the best option if you’re willing to splash out a bit — and, ideally, to come on a weekday.

Getting hungry? Santa Marinella has some great seafood restaurants. My favorite, L’Acqua Marina, is just a 10-minute walk from the beach.

Restaurant in Santa Marinella Italy
L’Acqua Marina, a great fish restaurant in Santa Marinella

For more on the town’s beach (and food), check out my previous post on the beach of Santa Marinella.

The most pristine, free beach near Rome: Sabaudia

Another Blue-Flagged beach, this one is also the most secluded. Sabaudia boasts gorgeous sand and turquoise water, but it’s way less crowded than other options near Rome.

That’s thanks, of course, to being a bit tougher to get to: From Termini, take the train to Priverno-Fossanova (a little under an hour), and then a COTRAL bus to Sabaudia (20 minutes). From the beach, climb down the wooden stairways to the beach.

If you don’t like the idea of paying for your beach time, Sabaudia’s a good option; while there are private sections, there’s a number of public (free!) areas, too.

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  1. A quick question: I am planning on going to Santa Marinella with my boyfriend next Monday. We’re wondering if we rent a cabana/chair, can we leave our things i.e. bag with wallet, cell phone, etc. there without worrying about it, if we choose to take a dip together in the sea?


  2. Hi Amy,
    I’m sorry if I’m replying too late to help you! For anyone else wondering the same thing, though, it’s never a good idea to leave your valuables behind on a beach without someone looking after it; I have had friends whose bags have gotten taken while they were in the sea. At the very least, ask someone sitting nearby to keep an eye on your things while you swim, but if at all possible, just don’t bring anything expensive with you if you know you’ll want to go in the water. I hope that helps, and that you enjoyed your time at the beach!

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