The Revealed Rome Handbook

Want juicy, no-holds-barred tips to exploring Rome like an insider? It just got even easier.

New for 2020, I’ve published an in-depth expansion and update of the Revealed Rome Handbook: Tips and Tricks for Exploring the Eternal City — including the option to buy the book in print.

Buy it on Amazon here.

With more than 200 information-packed — but never overwhelming! — pages, it gives you all the tips and tricks for travel to Rome in one handy place. (At least, that’s what 125+ customer reviews from around the world say…).

Don’t take it from me. Here some of the reviews the Revealed Rome Handbook has received:

“Tremendously useful. The only book you really need for planning a trip to Rome.”

“The book was comprehensive and informative, but not overwhelming. Easy to read and well organized. Highly recommended for first time visitors to Rome.”

“We travel extensively & always download a few travel books onto our devices. Ruggeri’s book is one of the most useful we have encountered in visiting Rome. We have been to Rome twice. The second time we used Ruggeri’s book and it really made all of the difference.”

“I’ve purchased a lot of books about Rome and this is way the best.”

In the book, you’ll learn tips and tricks like:

  • how to pick an authentic Roman restaurant at a glance
  • the one place to never take a taxi
  • secrets to skipping the lines at the Colosseum, the Vatican and more
  • off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods that should be on your list
  • how to eat gluten-free, vegetarian or with other dietary restrictions
  • whether to invest in a Roma Pass
  • budget accommodation options you may not have considered
  • how to protect yourself from pickpocketing in Rome
  • where to find drinking water, and bathrooms, while out and about
  • how to navigate Rome’s public transportation system
  • what to do if your restaurant bill seems inflated
  • the best places in Rome to go shopping

…and much, much more!

If you’d prefer to receive the book as a PDF, order it through Paypal by clicking on the button below. When I receive the order confirmation, I will e-mail you the book as a PDF. (Just be aware that this is a manual process, so can take me up to 48 hours to e-mail over).

Happy trip planning from Revealed Rome!