Restaurants in Rome Open in August

Restaurants in Rome open in August
Palatium, a restaurant in Rome that’s open for most of August

Traditionally, much of Rome shuts down in August. (Thank Emperor Augustus for that). That’s less the case every year, with businesses trying to stay open for more of the summer, thanks to a little something known as the economic crisis.

Even so, lots of independent stores and restaurants still close for much of August. And, when it comes to dining, that includes some of the best spots.

This year, I did some digging for BBC Travel and came up with some top-notch restaurants in Rome that are open throughout August, including favorites like Flavio al Velavevodetto, Glass, and Pizzarium. Don’t miss it for suggestions on where to get a great meal when everything else is closed—especially important if you’re hitting Rome in mid-August, since the official holiday is August 15. (Most places will at least close for that full ferragosto week of August 11 to 18).

Want to know what else is open? Here’s a list of some of my favorite restaurants in Rome that are open for at least part of August, and what their ferragosto schedules are. Everyone’s different, so depending on exactly when in August you’re coming, you may (or may not) be in luck. (And remember that some favorites, like Da Danilo and La Campana, close in the next couple of days and don’t reopen until September).

While the spots below are closed, meanwhile, you’ll find me eating at the places listed in the BBC piece. Or, you know, on my own ferragosto holiday.

Buon appetito!

Ai Tre Scalini: A Monti institution, this wine bar is always crowded, thanks to its warm, convivial atmosphere, great wine list, and menu of small plates that range from porchetta to ricotta with truffle honey. Closed from August 5 to 18.

Barrique: This wine bar in Monti also boasts great, moderately-priced cuisine. Via del Boschetto 41/B. +39 0647825953. No website. Closed from August 9 to 26.

Bread & Break: The perfect quick-lunch spot in the center, this is a hidden gem near the Spanish Steps that serves
up panini made from super-fresh,
gourmet ingredients. Via Francesco Crispi 34. No website. Closed from August 10 to 18.

Coromandel: This new, hip spot near Piazza Navona is open daily, except Mondays, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, aperitivo, or a late-night snack. No August closure.

Da Bucatino: A traditional Roman trattoria, the way it should be, this Testaccio institution has some of Rome’s best amatriciana—and it’ll give you the bib to go with it. www.bucatino.itClosed from August 11 to 27. 

Fa-Bio: Finding good food near the Vatican museums is hard enough, never mind that’s fresh and fast. Enter Fa-Bio, which serves up made-to-order sandwiches, salads, and smoothies from all organic ingredients. Via Germanico 43. +39 06 3972 3292. from August 11 to 18. 

L’Asino d’Oro: This modern, Umbrian restaurant in Monti remains one of my favorites in the center, although I was raving about it back in 2011. Via del Boschetto 73. +39 06 4891 3832. No website. Closed August 10 to 30.

La Gatta Mangiona: Although it’s located just outside of Rome’s center, the top-notch gourmet pizza here makes the trip worth it. Closed August 10 to 26.

Open Baladin: An artisanal birreria near Campo dei Fiori serving up Italian craft beers, excellent (for Rome) gourmet hamburgers, and a buzzy atmosphere, this is one of my favorite places to hit up with friends. www.baladin.itClosed from August 12 to 18.

Romeo: A new restaurant in Prati, run by the chefs of Roscioli and Glass, that foodies have fallen for. Its upmarket menu features creative cuisine with super-fresh ingredients. Closed from August 11 to 25.

Pagliaccio: If you’re looking for something high-brow, this is the place—pretty much on par with the famed La Pergola, but just slightly less expensive. The tasting menu is a true treat. www.ristoranteilpagliaccio.comClosed from August 4 to 27.

Palatium: Run by the Lazio Regional Food Authority, this restaurant and enoteca near the Spanish Steps features Italian dishes with a modern twist, using ingredients from the Lazio region only. Via Frattina 94. +39 06 69202132. No website. Closed from August 10 to 18. 

La Pergola: The restaurant when you have to really impress a date. Chef Heinz Beck put this Michelin-starred spot on the map with his top-notch (and expensive) dishes, and there’s a tasting menu, too. Closed from August 11 to 26.

Tutti Frutti: With a new owner, look, and menu, this restaurant in Testaccio is a great choice, with a menu that reinterprets Italian cuisine with a twist. Prices are moderate, too. Closed from August 9 to 26.

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