Rome’s English-Speaking—and American-Style—Hair Salon

English speaking hair salon in Rome
Post-cut with my favorite (English-speaking!) hair stylist in Rome, Rick

Looking for a hair salon in Rome… where the stylists speak English, the cuts are great, and the prices are moderate? Easy: Head to Noi, conveniently (and oh-so-classily) located right at Piazza del Popolo.

I discovered Noi when I first moved to Rome. My Italian was nonexistent progressing. Needless to say, I lacked crucial hair-salon vocabulary like “No, I don’t think a mohawk would suit my bone structure” and “Please put down that peroxide bleach—I said I just wanted a trim!”. Anxious that I’d wind up with a shaved head or worse, I broke my rule of doing-Rome-like-the-Italians-do… and sought out the city’s most popular English-speaking salon.

Except that’s not really fair. Because while it often seems like every English-speaking expat in Rome winds up at Noi, so do lots of (very elegant) Italians. After all: The stylists are great. Not to mention super-personable.

English speaking American hair dresser in Rome
Foils can be fun!

Still, what really sets Noi apart from Rome’s hundreds of beauty salons is that it feels like a little slice of the States. One of the owners, Rick Breco*, is originally from L.A. The two other owners, Italian brothers Massimo and Giuseppe, worked for years in the U.S.

Terrace at American hair salon in Rome
Noi’s lovely little terrace

All three of them have, obviously, not just the fluent English down, but an understanding of American style—and service. Everyone’s made to feel welcome here. Got a little time before your appointment? Hang out on the cute terrace with an American magazine. Want a glass of water or a coffee? Coming right up.

And when you’re in the chair, forget it. You’ll not only find out about all the goings-on in Rome… but all the gossip, too.

Prices start at €60 for a woman’s cut, style and blow-dry, and (I think) €40 for men. Noi is located at Piazza del Popolo 3 (it’s behind a massive door, so you have to buzz to be let in). Call +39 0636006284 to make an appointment, or send them an email on their site.

*Full disclosure: After four years of putting up with my propensity for showing up only infrequently, usually with crooked bangs and split ends, and of patiently teaching me how to use tools like hair straighteners for the first time, Rick is someone I, obviously, consider a friend. All the best hair stylists are, right? That’s what I thought.

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  1. Noi! I got pampered there before my wedding. Everyone was so nice and chill. It’s a little snippet of LA meets Rome expat community. Thanks for the reminder!

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