The Newest Vintage Shop to Hit Rome: Blue Goose

Blue Goose, a new vintage shop in Rome

I love vintage shopping in Rome—but hate those vintage stores that smell like Grandma’s attic. Enter Blue Goose. This little vintage boutique, which opened at the end of last year in Monti (on Via del Boschetto, of course!), is fabulous, well-priced, and anything but musty.

While tiny, the store has a beautifully-edited collection of vintage women’s clothing, bags, shoes, and jewelry. And most of the items are designer labels. Looking for that classic Louis Vuitton purse? Maybe a Versace jacket? This is the place to come.

(Note: This information was updated in April 2017).

Vintage designer purse at vintage store in Rome
Lots of Louis (Vuitton, that is) at Monti’s newest vintage boutique
Vintage costume jewelry in Rome
Costume jewelry at Blue Goose

But a stop here doesn’t have to break the bank. Yes, an Yves Saint Laurent tote (in perfect shape!) goes for €450 (still good value, relatively speaking). But lots of other items are much less expensive, from the costume jewelry to the clothing.

Like the outfit I scooped up last week, including this purple dress (from Banana Republic… and yes, I know it’s ridiculous that I move to Italy and buy a Banana Republic dress) for €50.

But the real bargain? Those buttery, black leather boots. Price: €50.

Vintage clothing in Rome
Something I love almost as much as Rome’s vintage shops: its even-older doors

Blue Goose is located at Via del Boschetto, 4. (Phone: +39 0648906738). After doing a little damage there, head across the street to L’Asino d’Oro for lunch. And then head down the street to check out King Size Vintage, another newcomer to the neighborhood (and to Rome’s vintage shopping scene).

Want to keep going? Here’s a list of the best vintage shops in Rome.

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  1. Che bello! I love vintage, when I go back home in June, I’ll make sure to stop by then. I love to walk nel quartiere monti. There are also some aperitivo spots there which are not to be miss, especially after spending on shopping! 🙂

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