New Video: The Coolest Keyhole in Rome

One of my favorite local secrets in Rome is… a keyhole. No, really. Located on up on the Aventine hill, a peek through gives you a view of not one, not two, but three sovereign states—plus, there’s a special surprise (and photo op!)
that you can see through it.

Come with me to explore the coolest keyhole in Rome in my latest video!

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. I was there! I saw this! We were on our way to Fiumicino Airport with some time to spare and as we had befriended our driver, he said he wanted to show us something very special. Luckily, my Italian is pretty good, so I knew he wasn’t pulling a fast one. We drove up the hill past very luxurious homes and stopped at this little gem. I got chills when I saw this on your blog. Thanks for posting!

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