How to Get from Ciampino Airport to Rome (Updated for 2019)

Now you can go to the top level of the Colosseum in Rome

Need to get from Ciampino airport to Rome? Yeah, you could take a taxi. But unless some serious stress and/or getting ripped off immediately on landing in Italy is your thing, you probably won’t want to. Luckily, there are lots of other ways to get from Ciampino to Rome.

Better yet, these options are easy, fast… and much cheaper than taking a taxi or transfer. All of these options get you into the Termini train station; from there, you can jump on Rome’s metro (either the A or B lines), take a bus, or grab a cab (from Termini, it shouldn’t be more than €15 at the most to get to another part of the city center).

(Wondering about Uber? Don’t worry — that’s at the end too).

(Note: This information has been updated as of December 2018).

(Not sure if you’re flying into Ciampino? If you’re coming directly from far-afield, like the U.S., you’re probably flying into Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci instead, and here’s info for how to get from Fiumicino to Rome. But if you’re flying from somewhere else within Europe, especially on a budget airline like Ryanair, you might just be landing at Ciampino).

Here are your options for getting from Ciampino to Rome.

How to take the train from Ciampino to Rome

The good news: There is a train station at Ciampino. The not-as-good news: The Ciampino train station is not right at the Ciampino airport — but it is only a five minutes’ drive away.

To get there, you have to take one of the ATRAL or COTRAL buses from the airport. The ATRAL buses depart roughly every 40 minutes (full schedule here), while the COTRAL leaves between every 10 and 40 minutes; the ATRAL costs €1.20, plus an extra €1.20 per piece of luggage, while the COTRAL costs €1.10. While that makes the COTRAL seem better, note that you can buy ATRAL tickets right at Ciampino airport in the arrivals area or directly on the bus, while COTRAL isn’t sold at the airport, but rather from tobacco shops and other sales points outside the airport.

The train: a good option for getting around Italy — and a good option for getting from Ciampino to Rome

The drive to the train station takes 5 minutes. From there, the train to Rome’s Termini train station departs about every 8-10 minutes, takes 15 minutes and costs just €1.50.

If you time it right, this can be the fastest way to get to Rome’s center, as well as the cheapest. But if you have a lot of luggage, or just want to have as few transport legs as possible, I’d go with the next option — a direct bus — instead.

How to take the bus from Ciampino to Rome

For most people, the bus from Ciampino to Rome is the most convenient, still budget-friendly option. Three buses run directly from the Ciampino airport into the Rome center: the SIT bus, Terravision and (new for 2018) FlixBus. Prices are €6 one-way with SIT, Terravision and FlixBus (for Terravision, you can save a couple of euros if you book online in advance), and €8 round-trip with SIT and Terravision (there’s no round-trip discount for FlixBus). The ride takes a half an hour to 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

All of the direct buses have just one stop, Rome’s Termini train station, so you don’t have to worry about missing your stop. From Termini, you can take a bus or metro (line A or B) to your final destination.

Figuring these buses out couldn’t really be much easier: When you exit the baggage claim at Ciampino, you’ll see the kiosks advertising them right in front of you. Just walk up and ask when the next one is leaving (I recommend asking at both, so you can buy your ticket for the one leaving first!). You can buy your ticket right there — no need to reserve in advance — and they’ll direct you to where exactly the bus is.

How to take the metro from Ciampino to Rome

This is only worth considering if you’re staying at accommodation in San Giovanni or the Esquiline (or somewhere else close to a stop on Rome’s metro line A, but before Termini).

Parts of the centro storico like this, near the Piazza Navona, aren’t near a metro stop… so if you’re staying in one of these neighborhoods, the metro isn’t your best option

You can take a bus from the airport to the Anagnina metro station, which is on line A. The bus leaves every 30 to 40 minutes, takes about 15 minutes and costs €1.20, plus an extra €1.20 per piece of luggage. From Anagnina, the metro (which costs €1.50) leaves every couple of minutes and arrives at San Giovanni station in 15 minutes, Manzoni (Esquiline) in 17 and Termini station in 20 minutes.

How to take a taxi from Ciampino to Rome (sort of)

I’m including this because, yes, it is an option. And, technically, there is a flat rate set by the city to go from the Ciampino airport to the center of Rome. This price is €30, including all luggage and any extra charges. It’s illegal for drivers to charge you more than this.

But, of course, they do. Or try to. Which is why, at least until the taxi drivers at Ciampino clean up their act, I don’t recommend that anyone risks taking a cab from there. Public transport not your thing? Even without a cab, you still have a couple of options.

How to take a private transfer from Ciampino to Rome

There are dozens of companies in Rome offering private transfers, the benefit of which is — of course — it’s convenient, you don’t have to juggle your luggage and it takes the stress out of trying to navigate a new city’s transport links. Of course, you have to pay for the privilege, as private transfers can be around €50 or more (the cost depends on number of passengers and amount of luggage).

A street in the historic center
Don’t want to waste any time getting to pretty streets like this one? Then forget public transport – take a private transfer

Do, however, make sure you book a reputable transfer company (among other things, double-check their recent reviews on a site like Tripadvisor); skip that step, and you run just as much risk of being ripped off as you would with a taxi (see below for more!).

How to take Uber from Ciampino to Rome (again, sort of)

Yes: the app taking over the world’s cities has made it to Rome (much to the frustration of taxi drivers). Although the basic idea of this ride-sharing app is similar to other cities, there’s one big difference.

Rome doesn’t offer UberX or the other lower-priced services; it only has the higher-end services: UberBLACK, UberLUX and UberVAN. That means that, often, taking an Uber is as expensive as (or more expensive than) taking a taxi. But it also means that drivers often aren’t “normal” people picking up some cash on the side, but rather professional drivers, which is a benefit. From Ciampino airport (which has WiFi, so you can book an Uber using the Uber app on your phone when you arrive), it should be about €40 into the center, although, as always with Uber, it depends on pricing and availability at that time. (You get a fare estimate before you book).

Update, October 2017: The legal status of Uber in Italy has been changing as of late — it was banned in April, then re-legalized in May — so before you count on it, double-check by Googling it online. Update, December 2018: Uber remains legal, though still just the lux options — no UberX yet.

If you liked this post, you’ll love The Revealed Rome Handbook: Tips and Tricks for Exploring the Eternal City, available for purchase on Amazon or through my site here! I’m also free for one-on-one consulting sessions to help plan your Italy trip.

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  1. Thanks for the nice summary. I’ve heard that people sometimes also do walk to the Casabianca station directly in the south of the airport instead, which is about a 2 kilometers walk.

    Have you ever tried this? 🙂


  3. You are 100% right about the Ciampino taxi drivers, they work together to rip-off customers – avoid at all costs! On my first trip I was grossly over charged in the most blatant fashion. It was late evening, and there was no other way to get to my hotel. The taxi driver stood there with a big smirk on his face, well aware that he was cheating me. I have been to Rome many times since then, and I would rather crawl on my hands and knees before using a taxi from Ciampino. 99% of people use the bus, avoiding this notorious scam. Google it, you will be shocked. Walking to station is not an option (local bus is essential).

    1. It’s true that the taxi drivers can take advantage of you as they tried with me. Mine wanted 40€. I just said I would report him to the authorities back in the airport and motioned I was going to take down his details on my iPhone. That certainly smartened him up. He took me directly to the hotel in central Rome for the 30€. Not a word spoken which I enjoyed as I hate conversing with taxi drivers. Shouting at them isn’t of any use. Calm, cool and in control is what they hate.but then I’m Sicilian and will not put up with any roman bullshit.

  4. please tell how can i go to lazio from champiano airport? is it good with bus? and then, how can i go from lazio to rome ?

    1. We arrived at the airport and paid the €30. It’s advertised in the Cab doors now.
      No bantering, just a great service straight to the door. Nice young chap as well.
      No issues for us.

      1. I’m glad to hear that, William — perhaps some of the cabbies are cleaning up their act!

  5. That’s really helpful :).. Can you also suggest if the 42 hr ticket is valid on these lines? and if it makes sense to get that ticket if I want to stay in Rome for 2 days?

  6. Hi there, Could you kindly explain the route in reverse? I’d like to fly out of Ciampino in the afternoon after having arrived to Roma Termini in the morning.
    Thank you for any help.

    1. Sure, Erin — any of those options will work in reverse. If you don’t want to take a taxi (where the flat rate should still be the same), you can grab a bus like the Terravision bus from Termini train station. Just look on the bus website for exact times and locations. I hope that helps!

  7. Hello, thank you for useful info. I just want to ask which one is the bus station at the airport to get to the Ciampino train station?(is it the first one in front of the airport?) And next question does the bus arrive directly to the train station in Ciampino? I do not have a lot of time for my train so I do not want to get lost ot look for a way too long. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi there! I’ve just updated this post, so it should answer your questions now – but let me know if you have any more! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hello!
    We need to get to the Ciampino airport very early in the morning, our flight departure is at 6.55am.
    The earliest Terravision bus to Ciampino leaves at 4.30am, but we are not sure about the traffic and, as it is mentioned in the first comment, they have tendency to be late.
    Could you please advise if it will be safe to book tickets for that bus?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Anastasia, you’ll probably be just fine — if you’re flying within Europe, the cut-off is usually something like 45 minutes or an hour (check with your specific airline), so worst case scenario even if you arrived at 6am (which would be an unusually long journey from Rome to Ciampino indeed!) you should be OK. That said, I have a tendency to cut flights a bit close… so if you’re on the more cautious end of the scale, and/or will be incredibly stressed in the time leading up to your departure, then just spring for a private transfer instead.

  9. Trains from Ciampino are NOT every 8-10 minutes! I have waited over 40 minutes for the next train. And the station in Ciampino is a disaster. Also, Altral buses are hard to find…

    1. Thanks for your comment, Sylwester. Your experience waiting 40 minutes is a good reminder that the nature of living (or travelling) in Italy means that things can go wrong — especially when it comes to trains! As you can see if you search on the Trenitalia site, though, regional trains are in fact scheduled for every 8 to 10 minutes during the day and evening from Ciampino to Roma Termini. As always when planning your transport somewhere, it’s best to check in advance to see exactly what trains are departing around the time you want to go. Thanks again for stopping by!

  10. Good information! Thank you! We are planning to go to Rome in March so your information is really helpful! Will check the other posts as well!


  11. Hi Amanda!
    If I buy a ticket for the bus to Termini, but then need to take the metro after that, can I use the same ticket or do I need to buy another one?


    1. Hey Jessie, you can use the same ticket (assuming it’s within 100 minutes of when you validated the Termini bus ticket). I hope that helps! Have a good trip!

  12. When travelling to the airport, would you recommend buying terravision ticket the daybefore or when you travel? Is there a ticket office for bus tickets? As we are travelling with 3 young kids I’m a bit nervous…what’s the most straight forward way do you think? Bus? Taxi probably difficult as we are 5 people (I assume they count 3 year old as a passenger?) so probably won’t be taken in normal size cab?

    1. Hi Verena, happy to help. You should be fine buying tickets from the kiosk when you arrive; yes, there is a ticket office. As an alternative, there are larger taxis that could take all of you, but you’d probably have to queue longer to wait for one. The simplest way is probably actually to arrange a private transfer. They tend to be just a bit more expensive than a taxi but not horrendously, and that way, it takes all of the guess work and stress out of it. Just make sure you go with a reliable company and make sure to read their most recent TripAdvisor reviews. I hope that helps!

  13. why it is not good to take a metro when you have accomodation further than Termini? I have my hotel close to last station metro A- Bagrini or somehow like that.

    1. Hi Pawel, good question. I put that mainly because if you are staying near a metro station on Line A that is north of Termini, you probably will have a faster trip if you take the train from Ciampino to Termini train station and then switch to the metro, rather than take the metro all the way to Termini. I hope that helps!

  14. Do you know If I can buy a ticket for a bus at the airport? I know that when you buy it online you have to print it. But I’m not sure what time I will arrive, so I dont want to buy it right now. 23:15 is SIT, 23:40 is terravision 😀

  15. How would I get to Vatican Tourist Inn hotel. Near Vatican City? From ciampino airport and the cost roughly?

  16. Hello,
    There is also a bus from schiaffini travel spa. They charge 4.9€ and they don’t care about luggage.

  17. Hi, regarding the train option from Ciampino, it’s not clear to me which stop to get off the ATRAL or COTRAL bus at. What is the name of the train station? Do these buses run only between the airport and the train station? Or do they continue on, in which case I would have to know the name of the station in order to know which stop to exit the bus at. Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Hi CK, it’s the Ciampino train station – many other people will be getting off there so it should be obvious (and you can always ask someone else on the bus if you’re unclear). I hope that helps!

  18. We are arriving at the airport Ciampino late at night at 9pm. We need to get to the Best Western Premier Royal Santini. The hotel site says that they are near the Termini train station. How should we get there at this time of night? Traveling with my daughter so a little apprehensive coming in that late.

    1. Hi Karla,
      The good news is 9pm isn’t very late in Rome (it’s when Romans tend to eat dinner!). So pretty much everything will be running as normal. Your best bet will probably be to take one of the buses that goes from Ciampino right to Termini. I hope that helps!

  19. Thanks Amanda for this information. I plan to visit Rome in June and had been searching for exactly this information. Can you suggest if buying the 24hr Rome Travel Ticket is a good idea to cover the trip from Anagnina to Roma Termini and additional bus travel for the entire day?

    1. Hi there, you’re very welcome. Yes, Anagnina is within Rome so is included within the 24 hour ticket, which also would include unlimited bus travel. Have a great trip!

  20. Thank you so much for this. I was wondering what my day will look like but you have summed it up. I hope oe all goes well.

  21. I have to drop off a rental car at Ciampino. Can you tell me how far the drop off is from the taxi stand. I read what you wrote about taxi’s but at age 80 it is too difficult to take the bus, transfer in Rome to other transportation to our hotel (which is next to the Pantheon). We are 3 people (wife and granddaughter) with luggage. Many thanks, in advance.

    1. Hi Richard, I totally understand. The rental car drop-off should be close as Ciampino is a small airport. Good luck!

  22. You may want to update to reflect that Uber is now illegal in Rome. There is a Rome taxi app IT Taxi – which is great for getting around Rome if you don’t have cash on you.

  23. Thanks a lot for this information, you saved me some research time. Coming thursday my flight is leaving at 7am and i need to check-in at 5am. What is in your opinion the best
    /cheapest way to go to Ciampino from Termini? I cant find an other way than a taxi.

  24. What’s the best and quickest way to get to Hotel near Vatican city when the plane arrives at Ciampino Airport on a SUNDAY NIGHT at 10pm?


  25. Hi Amanda, we are flying into Ciampino in November (on a Sunday) for a cruise from Civi port. After getting the bus from the airport to Rome what is the best way to travel to Civi port and how long will it take please?

  26. Amanda, great article. We’re a family of 5 (2 kids & mother-in-law) with 3 cases & 5 flight bags landing in Ciampino on Wednesday around lunchtime. I was going to get a taxi but am now understandably nervous. We’re staying at the Romoli, Via Della Caffarelletta. Would you be kind enough to suggest the best & easiest way we can make the journey, please?

  27. Hi there! We are a family of 6 with luggage our flight leaves from ciampino airport at 6:30 in the morning can you please somebody tell me the cheapest way to go from the city center to the airport? From what i understood there is no metro or train or bus at 4 am…

  28. Hi Amanda, I will be staying near Vittorio Emanuele station (Metro A), 1 station before the Roma Termini. Which plan do you think is better:
    1. take the coach to Roma Termini and then take the metro to Vittorio Emanuele, or
    2.take the bus to Anagnina and continue on the Metro to Vittorio Emanuele?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sulayman, I hope this is early enough to help you! If I were you, I’d actually take the train to Roma Termini (there’s a very short bus ride from the airport to the train station, but then it’s only 15 minutes to Termini) and then the metro, which is only one stop, or even walk, depending on where exactly your accommodation is. I hope that helps!

  29. Hi, i’m landing in Ciampino pretty late next week (11h10pm if there’s no delay), i guess my best option to get to the Termini station is to take a taxi ? I tried to see if there are any buses still running at that time but i got mixed answers. It would be appreciated if someone can provide more information about the best way to get to Termini late at night from Ciampino. Thanks

    1. Hi there, the bus should still be an option for you, since they’re usually timed with the flights. But as noted in the post, your other option — and what I’d strongly recommend if you’re concerned there won’t be a bus — is to book a private transfer. I’d recommend doing that far more than taking a taxi. I hope that helps!

  30. Hi Amanda, thank you for the train tip. I have used Terravision last year and I totally agree with what Eliza has to say – the fact that you have chosen your time online doesn’t mean they will allow you to get on that bus. Avoid!

  31. Hi. Just come back from Rome. A couple of things. Got the bus to the terminal, very easy. On the way back not so. There are no ticket booths to get a ticket from you have to wait for the bus to turn up. Only Terravision had someone there to help you and they stood under someone else timetable.We paid thinking they were getting on a certain bus only to find we had to wait another 20 minutes. Re the taxi’s, they do state into Rome for 30 euros. We got a taxi from the terminal to our apartment and got stung so please beware. My fault as i was knackered after a log journey. The fee was 18 euro, i gave him 20 and as quick as a flash he changed it to a 5 and said i had given him the wrong note. Please be aware of this con, i spoke to a couple of peolpe in Rome and they had the same thing.

  32. That’s nice information to know. We have a flight to catch at 8am in the morning. Which is the best travel option to travel to the airport from near Rome Termini station? We are 4 adults.

  33. Hello Amanda, Our hotel is near Cornelia metro station. What would be the best choice for us to get there if we arrive on Ciampino around 11 PM?

    1. Hey there, usually there’s an Atral bus from Ciampino directly to Anagnina but unfortunately the last scheduled departure they have from the airport is 10:40pm (which isn’t to say there may not be something else, just nothing that I can confirm for you)… Uber is now back in Rome, which would be one option — otherwise, I’d say book a private transfer in advance. Sorry not to have better news!

  34. We (2 persons) are staying close to Trevi, would we be best to get bus to Termini and then metro to Barberini? Or would it be cheaper option to get train the metro? We arrive in Ciampino at around 8.30pm in the evening.

    1. Hey there, yes, the train to Termini will be cheaper, but because it requires an extra leg (the short bus journey to the Ciampino train station) it can be more convenient to take the bus all the way from Ciampino to Termini. At Termini, jump on the metro. I hope that helps!

  35. Hello
    Anyone can help me please?
    How easy get from Campriani airport to Campriani train station?
    Any suggestions

  36. Sorry I wrote wrong I mean
    How easy get Frome Ciampino airport to Ciampino train station
    Thank you for help

  37. Hi Amanda,

    Thank you so much for being helpful. Where can I find the timetable for the train leaving the train station where Atral and Cotral leave you?Also if I go for a

  38. Hi Amanda,

    Thank you so much for being helpful. Where can I find the timetable for the train leaving the train station where Atral and Cotral leave you?

  39. Hello

    We fly into Ciampino tomorrow and land about9.30pm – We are staying at Hotel Centre 3 which I believe is in the Via Achille Grandi area – would it be advisable to get the Bus to The Station and then a Train direct to Termini Station? We have also bought Omni passes for 3 days, but cant pick up until Saturday morning – are these a good idea to get about and beat the queues?

  40. Hi Amanda,
    Do you know where I can find the bus schedule from Anagini Metro to Ciapino airport on Sunday? Is that the holiday schedule? We took the bus from the airport to the metro station Thursday night and rode the metro to our hotel near the Vatican. It was quick and only five euros and change for my wife and I. Trying to do the same thing in reverse Sunday.

  41. Hi Amanda

    Am a bit confused and trying to plan the route from Ciampino Airport to a hotel around Cornelia metro… Our flight arrives at Ciampino about 5 pm on a Friday night.

    Is there a bus?

    1. Thanks, Anders! You’re absolutely right, they’ve upped the price — but to €5 (€9 round-trip), not €6, from what I can see. Thanks for flagging!

  42. Hi, thanks so much for this tips and info..
    i’m traveling solo for the first time and my accommodation is quite far from the centre, so i’m planning my trip back to the airport and it’s kind of confusing.. so i wanted to ask you if its possible to depart from termini station to ciampino with the same buses? i understood they sell round-trips so i’m guessing yes, but google maps don’t seem to be aware of that option, it always send me by metro to cinecittá and then bus 520 from there to ciampino.. do you know if this way to go is also reliable?
    sorry for so many questions.. hope you can write me back.. thanks again..

  43. Hello I just love your site, so much wonderful information. I am arriving at Campino airport and would like to know how I can get to the end of metro line B from the airport. Is there a bus route from the airport?

  44. Hi Amanda, do you know if we should expect to pay a late-night premium for the taxis, or is it still EUR30? We’re due to land at 23.15, so should be in time for the last bus, but I’d like to have a backup option. Thanks!

    1. Hi Emily, it’s the same rate no matter the hour, but as I mention, you shouldn’t depend on the taxis at Ciampino regardless — they don’t respect the law! If I were you, I’d either plan to take the bus (if you’re flying with Ryanair, for example, their bus should be timed to depart after your flight lands), or arrange a private transfer. I hope that helps!

  45. Thank you for this information it was very informative, although I admit has not reduced my fears of traveling to Rome for the first time. What is the best way to do this in reverse? My husband and I need to go from Valle Aurelia to Ciampino Airport. And how much time should we anticipate for traveling? Don’t want to be late to the airport. Thanks for your time.

  46. Thank you for the information Amanda! Very nice and useful! I and my fiancee will put it in practice on our honeymoon on this November.

  47. Hello Amanda,

    I start reading comments from the begining of the post and my question is if something is changed concerning taking Cab from Ciampino airport. Is it the price still fixed-30 eur or still depands of the cab driver mood?

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