Looking for Glass in Rome? Forget Murano—Head to Monti


Glass in Rome in Monti

Beautiful—and handcrafted—glass from Silice

You don't need to head to Murano for handcrafted glass in Italy. When in Rome, just make your way to Monti—and to Anna Preziosi's studio.


Anna's tiny workshop, located a 10-minute walk from the Roman forum, is filled with gorgeous glass plates, vases, decorative baubles, and more. It's become my go-to to find the perfect, elegant gift from Italy.

And yes, all of the glass is handmade right there in the studio… by the lovely Anna herself.

Anna Preziosi

Anna Preziosi, the glassmaker behind Silice

Especially given the quality of the glass and the fact that it's handmade, the prices are excellent. For as little as €15, you can scoop up an ashtray or small dish, while you're looking at €75 and up for a large, decorative plate. 

Have I mentioned that the pieces are gorgeous?

Handmade glass in Rome
Glass in Rome at Silice
handmade glass in Monti

Roman glass in Monti

Glass from Rome artisan
Studio Silice is located at Via Urbana 27, in the heart of Monti. While you're there, don't forget to check out the other great shops and artisanal stores on Via del Boschetto!

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  1. This is cool…I wonder why this place looks so familiar…. next to my house around Corso Trieste there was a vetraio that did the same job and her studio was very similar. I remember to love the work she did.

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