At the Spanish Steps, a Shop Selling (Handmade!) Leather Jackets in Rome

Leather jackets in Rome
Why just grab a leather jacket off the rack… when you can pick the color and design yourself?

Just in time for the first day of fall: a workshop near the Spanish Steps that makes leather jackets. (And fur coats!). (Update, December 2016: Agostino’s store moved in November 2016. He’s now at Via dei Maroniti 13, near the Trevi Fountain—and only slightly further from the Spanish Steps. The store’s name is now Crisafulli Leather Fashion).

I discovered the Sistina 26 Crisafulli leather workshop a couple of months ago, and the owner, Agostino—a friendly Sicilian with a passion for all things artigianale—was more than happy to give me a tour. He and his wife, Elisa, not only run the shop, but design all of the jackets. And, as is always one of the best things about getting something handmade, they’re happy to alter the designs to suit anyone’s particular preference. And yes, they’re happy to ship abroad.

The cozy workshop in the back was everything an artisan’s workshop should be, included cluttered and humming with a current creation.

Leather workshop at Sistina 26
In the works: a blue leather jacket

The store in the front has a number of jackets already made, in every color and type of leather imaginable, for both men and women. The styles range from classic to funky to, well, frankly outrageous. (Please see: green-and-yellow jacket, below).

Here are just a few of the leather jackets Agostino showed me:

Leather jacket in rome
Agostino models one of his men’s jackets
Sistina 26 leather workshop
For the very bold!
Leather goods in Rome
My favorite jacket in the store—an absolute classic

And if fur’s your preference, they’ve got that too.

Fur coats in Rome
Fox, and beaver, and rabbit, oh my!

So if you’re thinking of splashing out this fall on a leather jacket that’ll last for years, check out Crisafulli. Because the only thing better than a leather jacket from Italy… is a handmade jacket made just for you.

The Crisafulli Leather Fashion store is located at Via dei Maroniti 13, near the Trevi Fountain.

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  1. He’s the best. I bought a leather jacket and fur coat and they are exquisite. Molto grazie. Karen in Texas

  2. We paid for two made to measure jackets to be shipped to us in Oct 2016. We were told they would be sent in two weeks. Since then we’ve had all sorts of excuses – ‘our bank account is blocked, we are moving premises,we are waiting for the leather, we haven’t got the money but will send them anyway, can you cancel credit card and pay to another account’ and so on. It’s now Jan 2017 and we’ve had nothing. €2000 for two jackets is not cheap and three months is too long to wait. Very disappointed. I would avoid this place.

    1. Diana, thanks for your comment. That is appalling to hear. It’s true that they recently changed locations, but obviously no excuse. I’ve just emailed the owner with your comment and will let you know what he says; if this is not resolved right away, I’ll put an update at the top of this post saying my recommendation is no longer valid. Do keep me posted. Thanks!

    2. Dear Mrs Diana.Once You received The jackets You said that You love them .Why didn t You correct your review? It isn t correct. .

  3. Does anyone have a number for the shop? I have been waiting months for my leather coat and belt but have not received anything and cannot seem to locate their number anywhere.
    Thank you

  4. Don’t go there. I left a jacket that I bought there to be resized and they never sent it to me. They kept it. They told me they would mail it then they told me I had to pay shipping!!!😡😡😡. That was thus past December 😡😡😡

  5. Dear sir
    You have received What ordered.Sometimes There may be delays but we always advice our customers.Thank you.

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