A New, and Fabulous, Vintage Store Opens in Monti

New vintage store in Rome
I’m always on the lookout for vintage stores in Rome, and it’s no secret I’m kind of obsessed with Via del Boschetto for shopping. So imagine my excitement to come across King Size Vintage, a brand-spanking-new (it opened just a few days ago) addition to the street.

King Size Vintage already had a location in the gritty students’ quarter of San Lorenzo. But now that it’s moved to Monti, I’ll be paying it many more visits. Especially because the shop itself is beautifully done. The space is large, at least for stores in Rome’s centro storico, and the owners have resisted the vintage-store temptation of completely cramming it with items. Result? Browsing is fun. And anything but overwhelming.

(Note: This information was updated in April 2017).

Especially when a little exploration yields details like these:

Vintage clothing store in Rome

(Closeups of some lovely vintage swimsuits)

New vintage store in Monti

(Drawers full of wallets and belts)

Vintage shop in Rome

(Leopard-print Fendi blouse, €65)

Vintage in Rome, Italy

(The rack of women’s blouses and dresses)

New vintage store in Rome

(Old-school sneakers)

Vintage store in Rome

(Beautiful detail on a €25 purse)

Bonus: This is one of the better-priced vintage stores I’ve seen in Rome. Even the high-end designer items are more than fairly priced.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t scoop up a couple of items while doing, um, “research.”

King Size Vintage in Monti is now located on Via Leonina 78/79. Telephone: +39 064817045. Website: facebook.com/kingsize.vintage.

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