The Colosseum Underground, Now Open Through December

Colosseum underground open thru December

The Colosseum has just announced—already!—that it’s keeping the underground and third tier open through December.

That’s particularly surprising news (in a good way), since some of us, myself included, thought they’d close the underground over the winter, as they did last year. Or close the areas temporarily while they started restoration work. But no… which is good news for all of those excited to see the hypogeum and third level!

[Latest update, April 5 2012: After being closed due to floods, Colosseum officials just announced that the underground will reopen this Saturday, April 7. Update, Nov. 2011: I spoke too soon. Please see this Nov. 27 post about the closure of the Colosseum underground from Nov. 27 2011 for a full update.]

The new details:

From Oct. 30-Dec. 31, English tours will run at 9:40am, 12:40pm, 1pm, and 2:20pm. If you go with a tour with an official Colosseum guide (a 2-hour tour that includes only the Colosseum, with the underground and third level), the price is €21.50, including the €1.50 booking fee. The maximum group size for each tour is 25 people. Call +39 06 39967700 to book; here’s a Q&A on how to book with the Colosseum and what the underground tour includes.

Since the Colosseum guides can be quite dry, remember that you also have other options, including underground Colosseum tours with livelier guides from Walks of Italy or a tour with Dark Rome.

Any questions? Ask away in the comments!    

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  1. Hi Amanda,

    For the Colosseum and Underground Tour, which one do you suggest, the on in the a.m or p.m.? (As far taking pictures and visibility in the underground tunnels issues are concerned).

    Kind regards,


  2. Hi Murat,

    That’s tough to say! Light-wise, I don’t think the sun makes that much difference in the underground areas, but it does for your view from the third tier, which takes in the forum and the Vittorio Emanuele monument. Since you’ll be looking almost due west at that point, photos should be better in the morning. That way, the sun won’t be in front of your lens backlighting everything.

    I hope that helps!

  3. Hi Amanda,

    I just read on the Pierreci website that the hypogeum will be closed until half November. The message however is dated 15/03/2011. Do you have any reliable info on whether it is open to the public or not?
    We will be visiting Rome during the second week of December so according to the website we should be able to enter the hypogeum. But with these Italians you never know….—guided-tours-of-the-subterraneans-and-the-third-level.aspx

  4. Hi Wendy,

    You’re absolutely right. Just a couple of days ago, they announced that, actually, they’re closing the subterranean area until mid-November, solely because of the terrible rains we received last week that caused flooding across Rome. I meant to write an update to the post—thanks for the reminder!

    Hopefully, you’ll be okay by December, fingers crossed that we don’t get any more flooding!

  5. Hello Amanda, I saw your post about the rain and it will be reopened Mid November. My mom and I are thinking of being in Rome on November 20th to go to The underground part of Colosseum. Do you think it will be open by November 20th. I have already been to Rome and just want to go back for the Underground.
    Thanks Brittany

  6. Hi Brittany,

    There’s still no word, so it would be speculation at this point. But it seems that, in terms of being open by Nov. 20, things aren’t looking good. I’ll of course keep you posted if I hear otherwise!

  7. Hi Amanda,

    I’m traveling to Rome next week and was hoping to experience the Colosseum underground. I heard that it had flooded again just last week… Do you happen to know if it will be re-opened by November 17th?

    Many thanks,

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