What to Eat in Rome — And Where


When in Rome, eat Roman food. (Duh). But to have the best possible culinary experience, go a step further: have the city's most top-notch traditional dishes… at the restaurants that make them in the tastiest, most authentic ways. And it's not always easy to know where that is, since a trattoria that serves up only mediocre meat courses might make the best pasta alla gricia in Rome, while a restaurant usually better ignored might actually be the number-one spot for carciofi alla giudia.

Luckily, here's help! Here are six of Rome's must-eat dishes — and my favorite places for trying each one — in my first piece for the Travel Channel. (Stay tuned for more!)

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    Thank you very much for your website. This seems like a perfect guide for beginners like me. I’m European and an Architect, yet never been to Italy before so coming for a few days to see …well, how architects really came about! I expect it to be quite overwhelming, yet incredibly enriching! Thank you again and if you would like to meet for a caffe, it would be most fascinating to hear about your experience living in Italy. Kind Regards,

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