Revealed Rome Map

I hope this map helps you plan your trip—or, if you’re already in Rome and have a smartphone, for seeing what I might recommend doing, eating, and seeing nearby!

Please just keep two things in mind:

1) I don’t recommend every place I’ve mapped without reservations. Some are sights that not everyone might like; others are restaurants that have gone downhill. So, when you click on a pushpin to see what it is, please also click where it says “website” to read what I wrote about it in my linked blog post.

2) Please note that this is not an exhaustive guide to everything I recommend doing and seeing in Rome. (That’s for another day!). Instead, it’s a more visual way to navigate the blog posts I’ve written. 

By the way: blue pushpins are hotels; orange are restaurants, gelaterias, and cafes; purple are shops; and yellow are sights.

Happy mapping!

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