Five for Friday: Head-to-Toe Vintage and Artisanal

All vintage or handmade outfit from RomeI've sworn off shopping at chain stores for clothing for about 4 months now… and I know some of you have been curious about what I've found on my search for vintage and handmade items in Rome!

Here's one of my favorite new outfits I've come up with. It's taking me through the hot days of summer nicely, both in New York City (pictured) and in Rome .

And yes, the whole outfit is head-to-toe vintage or handmade… and cost less than €110. For everything (five items total!).

See? You can find great stuff in Rome that doesn't break the bank, but isn't from a chain store, either.

Rome outfit all vintage or artisanal The details:

Vintage sunglasses from Pifebo Vintage, €20. Handmade gold bracelet from Mercato Monti, €15. Vintage 70s dress from Via Sannio market, 8. Vintage leather purse from Porta Portese, €5. Handmade suede ballet flats from Barrila Boutique, €59.

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