On Via Margutta, Mosaics, Marbles and More

Maurizio Grossi gallery and gift store in Rome

Did your Vatican visit leave you drooling over the marble sculptures, inlaid tables, and elaborate mosaics? Guess what—on Via Margutta, you can get your hands on your very own versions.

Since 1994, Maurizio Grossi has had an art-gallery-cum-store here, just up the street from the Spanish Steps. Pieces in the collection range from elegant marble vases to miniature obelisks; there are also reproductions of ancient statues, bookends, lamps, inlaid marble tables, and, yes, mosaics. Everything is made here in Italy, and the mosaics are created using ancient techniques.

Marble vase at Maurizio Grossi in Rome(Gorgeous marble vase)

Ancient statue reproduction in Rome(One of many reproductions of ancient Roman busts)

Mosaics and marbles at a shop in Rome(Statue reproductions, marble obelisks and inlaid tables, oh my!)

But I'm not going to lie. The fruits were what really got me. I had to actually put my hands in my pockets to keep from grabbing something to bite into. (Luckily for my dentist, I was able to keep it together).

Maurizio Grossi marble fruits on Via Margutta(How luscious do those cherries look?)

Maurizio Grossi marble fruits and mosaic in Rome(A marble fruit basket)

Maurizio Grossi marble gifts in Rome

(Don't eat the fruit!)

Prices, of course, reflect the fact that the pieces are solid marble and handmade. But they could be worse: a marble apple is €20, the reproduction of a Roman bust €220.

Want to check it out? Maurizio Grossi is located at Via Margutta 109; it's open from 10am-1pm and 3:30pm-7:30pm. Call +39 0636001935 for more information.

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