My Five Favorite Vintage Finds This Month in Rome

Back in March, I swore off buying clothing at chain stores for an entire year. I thought it’d be tough to do. Especially since, like so many other people, my go-to stores when I needed a little wardrobe update were big brands like Zara.

And yes. Buying only vintage or handmade clothing and accessories in Rome has been challenging.

But it’s also been a lot of fun.

Since some of you have commented or even emailed asking me how the search is going, I wanted to share with you just some of my loot from this spring. These are five of my favorite secondhand finds in Rome this month. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on my favorite handmade items I’ve found!

Vintage sunglasses and scarf(Scarf from Porta Portese, €1, and sunglasses from Pifebo Vintage, €20)

Vintage purse from Porta Portese in Rome(Vintage leather purse from Porta Portese, €5)

Vintage dress in Rome(1970s dress from the Via Sannio market, €10)

Vintage find in Rome from Fabio Piccione(Set of three bracelets from Fabio Piccione in Monti, €10)

Dress from Pulp in Rome(1970s dress from Pulp, €35, with vintage belt, €12)

Find out more about the vintage stores mentioned in this blog post (and where to find them!).

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