The Colosseum Underground Reopens (Again)

Colosseum underground reopen for Easter
The hypogeum of the Colosseum reopens this Saturday, April 7th. After being closed for nearly six months due to flooding, it’s practically an Easter miracle!

(And yes, officials announced today that it will be open in two days. Welcome to Rome).

If you didn’t even know that the Colosseum underground was closed, I don’t blame you. Lots of tour operators were still selling the underground as if it was. But rest assured: It was.

For more on the Colosseum underground, check out my previous posts. This post looks at the three major ways you can visit the Colosseum underground (all are tours). I also have a guide to how to book the Colosseum underground and a post highlighting what the Colosseum underground is really like.

Happy underground-ing, and Buona Pasqua!

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  1. That the hypogeum of the Colosseum reopens is good news for me, since I was planning to visit the area this summer. Amanda, you are right: some tour operators were hiding this from their customers and hat happened to me as well. I actually learned it from an Italian friend who just happened to raise this concern when he learned that I was going there.
    I’ll try emailing you regarding other places in Italy.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I have a question about booking tickets ahead of time.

    Is this website a good place to buy tickets online?:

    When we choose “Print At Home” it doesn’t include the tour, but when we do “Collect Onsite” which includes the tour — everything is SOLD OUT ??

    Thank you for your detailed and helpful site, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on using this website or if you still recommend just calling.

  3. Hi Austin,
    Ticketclic is a third-party site, one not run by the Colosseum. So what I’d guess is that the tour tickets aren’t actually sold out—just the amount of tickets that Ticketclic purchased to resell are. In that case, therefore, I’d definitely recommend calling Pierreci directly to reserve, as they’ll be able to tell you for sure if ALL the slots are actually sold out or not!

    I hope that helps—let me know if I can do anything else!

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