In Testaccio, a Brand-New Sicilian Bakery Ups the Cannoli Competition

Pastries at Sicilia e Duci, a bakery in Testaccio, Rome

With Sicilian bakery Ciuri Ciuri, I thought I'd found the best stop for cannoli in Rome. And then I discovered Sicilia e Duci.

The pasticceria opened less than two weeks ago in Testaccio, making the foodie-friendly neighborhood that much more of a must on any committed eater's itinerary. It's run by a Sicilian owner who, if his discussion with me about the finer points of cannoli shows anything, definitely knows his stuff.

But even if you're not in the mood for pastries (something I and my sweet tooth couldn't possibly understand, but I hear that it happens), pop your head in just to gawk. Because these pastries, from marzipan in stunningly-realistic fruit shapes to elegant cakes and pastel cassate siciliane, are simply beautiful.

Cakes in Sicilia e Duci, una pasticceria a Roma

Sicilia e Duci, a Sicilian bakery in Rome
Luckily, though, the taste lived up to the looks.

Sicilia e Duci is located on Via Marmorata 87/89, a stone's throw from that other (if overpriced) foodie haven, Volpetti.

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