The Foodies’ Guide to Rome, in New York Magazine

Risotto at Metamorfosi
Just one example of the innovative cuisine you can find in Rome these days, if you know where to go: A tarragon and hazelnut risotto, covered in edible mushroom paper, at Metamorfosi (photo courtesy of the restaurant)

These days, Rome’s food scene goes beyond the traditional mom-and-pop trattorias. (That hasn’t always been the case). In a new piece on Rome for foodies for New York Magazine, I track down the best activities, restaurants, and accommodation for foodies, from hotels that house Michelin-starred restaurants to Rome’s best spots for artisanal beers. Buon appetito!

Also: Rome’s best gelato, and cozy cafes with Wi-Fi.

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Weekend Escape to Naples, for New York Magazine

My piece on Naples, Italy—including where to stay, eat, visit, and my suggestions for a seriously spooky “oddball day”—has gone live over at New York Magazine. I’ve always been a huge proponent of this incredible and much-misunderstood city, and it happens to make an easy (1:10 hrs on the fast train) day trip from Rome, so check it out.

Coming up soon: less self-promotional blog posts. I promise.


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The Best Travel Rentals in Rome and Beyond

Short-term rental in Rome from Martin

New York Magazine’s article on the best short-term rentals for winter travel just went live, and I’m thrilled to say my contributions on Rome and the Valle d’Aosta are there, too.

Although I’m not going to lie: As temperatures finally start to dip here in Rome, places like Cartagena, Colombia and Culebra, Puerto Rico don’t look too bad, either.

But do check the piece out. These kinds of short-term rentals are hot right now, and for good reason: You can enjoy all of the comforts of home, and a killer location, for way cheaper than a hotel. And if you go through a site like AirBnB, it’s pretty safe. Just stay away from Craigslist—that’s where the scams abound!

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