Rome’s Underground, Beyond the Catacombs

San Nicola underground

Anywhere you go in Rome, you're walking on a buried, ancient world. Beneath your feet lie the remnants of the city that ruled an empire: temples and streets, villas and churches, monuments and tombs. And while we've all heard of the catacombs, there are many, many other underground sights in the city that are every bit as fascinating. If not more so.

I wrote about seven of my favorite hidden, yet accessible places for an underground Rome fix for the Globe and Mail, online here.

(Update,December 2014: After I wrote that piece, one of the coolest, and longest-awaited, underground sites in Rome opened: the Domus Aurea, or Nero's Golden House. Find out more about the Domus Aurea, and how to get there, here!).

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Chatting About Underground Rome on the How to Tour Italy Radio Show

The Colosseum underground, one sight we talk about on the How to Tour Italy radio show

I was back on the How to Tour Italy radio show with Anthony Capozzoli today, talking about one of my favorite subjects, Rome’s underground sites.

Got a half-an hour? That’s enough time to get the low-down on my top four underground sights, including the Basilica of San Clemente, Catacombs of Santa Priscilla, Palazzo Valentini, and hypogeum of the Colosseum. Enjoy!

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