The Perfect Island Escape of Procida, for the BBC

Procida, Italy
The island of Procida, the perfect weekend escape from Rome

I’ve been getting around the Bay of Naples lately. In May, I wrote a story on Ischia, Capri’s larger but lesser-known neighbor, for Canada’s Globe and Mail. When I visited the tiny, nearby island of Procida in August, I didn’t expect it to compare: After all, Ischia has stunning views… and lovely towns… and a medieval castle!

But you know what? Procida blew me away. Here’s my slideshow for the BBC on what makes Procida unique.

Convinced? Luckily, Procida makes a great weekend trip (or even day trip) from Rome. Take the fast train from Rome to Naples (1 hour 10 minutes), then grab a ferry with Medmar (, Caremar (, Alilauro (, or Snav ( to Procida, which takes about a half hour.

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For the Globe and Mail, the Ancient Town of Taormina, Sicily

Taormina Sicily
"The ancient Greek theatre of Taormina, Sicily, was designed with serious drama in mind – and not just the costumed kind. Perched 250 metres above the Ionian Sea, the amphitheatre’s 360-degree view encompasses the still-active Mount Etna, the sparkling Mediterranean, the medieval village of Castelmola and, of course, Taormina itself.

From here, the town’s pastel palazzi and pretty cathedrals spread across the lush hillside like icing on a cassata siciliana, a traditional Sicilian cake.

It’s hard to look away—or say goodbye. Which is why I’ve come back to the town for a second time."

Read the rest of my story on the ancient seaside town—out in today's issue of the Globe and Mail newspaper—online here.

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A Few of My Favorite Places in Rione Monti, for National Geographic Traveler

Monti article for Nat Geo Traveler
It’s no secret that I adore Monti, the ancient rione a stone’s throw from Rome’s Colosseum and forum. Want to find out why? Pick up the April issue of National Geographic Traveler (that’s the U.S. version of the magazine), where I’ve written about some of the area’s hidden gems and hottest spots—from an ancient basilica to an artisanal gelateria. Here’s a sneak peek, but when the article goes live online, I’ll share it here, so check back. (Update, March 17: You can now read the story about Monti online!).

And stay tuned for news of an article on another fantastic Rome neighborhood, for another great travel magazine, coming soon. (What can I say, I hate to play favorites).

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Exploring Rome by Scooter: My Latest Story and… Photo Shoot?

Article on Rome scooters for AUH

Ever wondered what it would be like to explore Rome by scooter? I wrote all about it for the premiere issue of AUH magazine, interviewing Rome locals, Vespa collectors, and just about everyone else as addicted to their motorini as any Roman should be. (If you've never heard of the magazine before, maybe you just haven't been traveling in the Middle East enough: It's the brand-new magazine for Abu Dhabi airport. And yes, I win points for publication randomness). 

The folks over there also, of all things, asked me to participate in the photo shoot for the article. (They hastened to tell me that it was meant to be journalistic, so they didn't need "real" models. As a non-model, I'm proud to say I definitely fit the bill!).

So, as a writer, here was the unusual part: I got to not only write the story… but spend a morning whipping around Rome on a scooter. And not just any scooter. This was a 1953 white, vintage Vespa, complete with a sidesaddle seat in the back (love!). Talk about having an Audrey Hepburn moment.

And, yes. I wound up in a few of the story's photos (being the only girl in the group will make that happen). Check out the story, and the embarrassing (but beautifully-done—photographer Jamie Baker was excellent) photographs, here.

AUH magazine story on scooters in Rome

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AFAR Article on Rome Hits Newsstands


Afar May/June issue

A little bird has told me that my piece for AFAR magazine is out. Its May/June issue, which includes my two-page spread on Rome in its “Wander” section, hit newsstands this week.

Also, if you’ve never checked out AFAR before, do. It was launched mid-magazine Armagaddeon, when everything was folding — and I think it says a lot about the publication that not only did it hang on, it’s thriving. (I think the top of the cover says it all: AFAR was named Best Travel Magazine by the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation in 2010). You can find it at your local bookstore, or order it here for only $19.95 per year.

(Thanks, Mom!)

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