What I Will (…And Won’t) Miss About Rome

what I'll miss about Rome
Hey, Rome, I’m gonna miss you…

No, I’m not moving—but I am headed to the States for the biggest chunk of time since relocating to Italy. In June and July, instead of sweltering in the Rome heat, I’ll be sweltering in New York City enjoying the surplus of air-conditioning in Manhattan.

And, of course, I’m already thinking about what I’m going to miss about Rome while I’m gone. Not to mention what I’m excited to experience in New York.

Here’s a (partial) list… so far:

What I’ll miss about Rome

1. Drinkable wine (that doesn’t break the bank). Is it terrible that this is one of the first things I thought of? Yeah, probably. But whenever I go back to the States, I can’t get over how the same mediocre bottle of wine that would cost €2 on the shelf, or be cheap “vino della casa,” in Italy, somehow gets marked up to $40 or $50 in the U.S. Eesh.

Beach near Rome
The beach of Santa Marinella, just 45 minutes from Rome
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6 Things I’m Psyched to Do in Rome in 2013

Rome’s amazing every year. But I’m especially excited for 2013 in the Eternal City.

Here are six things on my “bucket list” for my upcoming year in Rome (and beyond)!

Attending Rome’s best temporary exhibitions

Vermeer painting at Rome exhibition
The Vermeer exhibition: on my list of must-dos for 2013!

Compared to past years, 2013 has way fewer exciting exhibitions on. (Hello, financial crisis!). Still, there are some I’ve made note of in my calendar. Among them: the Vermeer exhibit at the Quirinale, which runs until Jan. 20, and the “Age of Balance” exhibit at the Capitoline Museums, which explores the era of the “good emperors” (Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius), until April 28.

Trying out restaurants and wine bars still on my list

Food in Rome in 2013
Food: From 2009 to 2013, one of my main reasons for loving Rome.

These include new-ish spots (like Baccano, an aperitivo, brunch and bistro spot near the Trevi Fountain; Coromandel, a bakery/brunch spot/restaurant near Piazza Navona; and Romeo, an Alfa-Romeo-car-dealership-turned-restaurant by the Roscioli brothers and the chef behind Trastevere’s Glass Hostaria), old favorites that I (eek!) still haven’t made it to (like Monti institution La Barrique), and a couple of high-end spots that just got their Michelin stars (Metamorfosi and Pipero al Rex).

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