Five Reasons I’m Loving Rome Right Now

Even after living here for almost three years, I still have days and moments—lots of them—where this city continues to blow my mind.

Here, five reasons I'm loving Rome right now.

Forum in the springI once had a Cambridge professor call wisteria "garish." He'd be appalled at the sight of Rome these days. Wisteria, wisteria everywhere… even here, in the Roman forum.

Cupcake in RomeA cupcake from Made Lab, a new-ish American-style-ish bakery on Via dei Coronari. I'm obviously a sucker for cupcakes, so discovering these guys this week was a thrill. Also, the cupcakes were damn good.

Bracelet from Ashanti GalleriaI've been lusting after this handcrafted bracelet ever since seeing it at Galleria Ashanti in Monti. Oh, which reminds me: the artisans on Via del Boschetto are amazing.

Gelateria del Teatro in RomeGelato season has arrived. And there's perhaps no prettier place to enjoy super-fresh scoops than at Gelateria del Teatro, tucked just off Via dei Coronari (yes, I indulged in both gelato and cupcakes on my stroll there this week).

Although I am not, in general, a fan of the street performers that turn some of Rome's prettiest piazzas and heritage sites into circuses, I can't help from adoring this man. (The song he performed before this one, by the way, was "Old MacDonald Had a Farm."


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